Teacher's Council

The annual meeting of Teachers’ Council was held on 27.08.2019 (Tuesday) at Teacher’s Room at 1 pm and the meeting was chaired by the Principal.

AGENDA 1: Briefing the activities of the various committees of the year 2018-2019

AGENDA 2:  Formation of Teachers Council for the year 2019-2020.

AGENDA 3: Implementation of the final Routine for the Academic year 2019-2020.

            First the Council for the year 2019-2020 was formed and Sri Kishore Roy  (Asstt. Professor) was nominated as the Secretary of the Teachers’ Council for the specified year. Sri Sanjit Kumar Deb, PGT and Sri Rakhal Chandra Ghosh, PGT were nominated as the Asstt. Secretary and Treasurer of the Council respectively.

            Various important Sub-Committees were formed to look after the various college related matters in their respective areas.

 1. Academic Sub-Committee:

  1. Smt. Gouri Majumder (Convenor)
  2. Sri Kishore Roy (Member)
  3. Dr. Joy Kr. Das ( Member)
  4. Smt. Nandita Chakraborty( Member)

2. Lower Purchase Committee:

  1. Sri Sanjit kumar Deb (Convenor)
  2. Dr.  Joy Kr Das (Member)
  3. Sri Sabir Datta (Member)
  4. Smt. Mousumi  Basfore(Member)
  5. Smt. Gita Rani das(Member)
  6. Sri Uttam Biswas (Member)   

3. Discipline Sub-Committee:

  1. Smt. Nandita Chakraborty  ( Convenor)
  2. Smt. Rina Das (Member)
  3. Sri Sri Sabir Datta( Member)
  4. Sri RakhalChandra Ghosh (Member)
  5. Sri Nishu Sukla Das (member)

4.  Magazine Sub-Committee:

  1. Dr. Joy Kr. Das(Convenor)
  2. Smt. Mousumi Basfore( Member)

  5.  Cultural Sub-Committee:

  1. Smt. Happy Majumder (Convenor)
  2. Smt. Mousumi Banik (Member)
  3. Smt. Nandita Chakraborty( Member)
  4. Smt. Rina Das (Member)

    6. Games & Sports Sub-Committee:

  1. Nishu Shukla Das(Convenor)
  2. Luther Debbarma ( Member)
  3. Smt. Nandita Chakraborty (member)
  4. Sri Rakhal Chandra Ghosh (member)

    7.  Boys Common Room Sub-Committee:

       a. Sri Sujit Kumar Ghosh

   8.   Girls Common Room Sub-Committee:

      a. Smt. Seuli Nath

   9. Examination Sub- Committee:

  1.  Dr. Joy Kr Das (Convenor)
  2.  Smt. Mousumi Basfore( Member)
  3.  Sri Luther Debbarma (Member)
  4.  Smt. Nandita Chakraborty (Member)
  5.  Sri Sanjit Kumar Deb (member)
  6.  Sri Sabir Datta (Member)

   10. Library Sub-Committee:

  1. Sri Luther Debbarma (Convenor)
  2. Dr. Joy Kumar Das (Member)
  3. Sri Sujit Kumar Ghosh (Member)
  4. Smt. Seuli Nath (Member)
  5. Sri Subodh Debbarma, Library Assistant
  6. Sri Makhan Ch. Paul, LDC

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